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1) Double Stops and Modes for MandolinThis is basically a reference book that shows double stops for the mandolin. It includes the most common keys played in bluegrass and old time music. C,G,D,A,E,B,F,Bb,F# (V chord in B) and Eb (IV chord in Bb). It also includes the more common modes (in all the keys) that you would see in tune books. Major (Ionian mode), Mixolydian, Dorian, and Aeolian (the natural minor scale). Also the harmonic minor scales as well. Self published. Asking $15.95. Overseas orders will be a $27.95. That includes the shipping.


~Overseas Orders~

2) Copy of Dominicus Montagnana 4/4 Violin W/bow
Don't really know how old this violin is but it's in really great shape as you can see in the pictures. This comes with a Conrad Gotz bow, (frog and tip are in good condition), and a hard foam case. It's been professionally appraised at between $1200.00 and $1500.00. Beautiful, sweet tone that projects wonderfully. Asking $1000.00 for the outfit. Write me with any questions.

3) Older German violin.
Don't really know too much about this violin. It has the word "Elfwem" and the date "1891" hand written on a label inside the fiddle. Not sure if it is the owner of the instrument or the maker. It's probably not from 1891.
It was appraised as an older German style violin with a value around $1000.00 for the violin by itself. It does come with a E.W. Zimmer bow and the case looks like the original but probably not. I'm asking $800.00.

There are more albums that I have recorded with the Acme's, the Lonesome Holler String Band and my Celtic band Dockside. I will be putting up sound bytes from those albums as well but on a different page. Stay tuned....

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