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1) Double Stops and Modes for MandolinThis is basically a reference book that shows double stops for the mandolin. It includes the most common keys played in bluegrass and old time music. C,G,D,A,E,B,F,Bb,F# (V chord in B) and Eb (IV chord in Bb). It also includes the more common modes (in all the keys) that you would see in tune books. Major (Ionian mode), Mixolydian, Dorian, and Aeolian (the natural minor scale). Also the harmonic minor scales as well. Self published. Asking $15.95. Overseas orders will be a $27.95. That includes the shipping.


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Bold Pierre
The Dream of Kildare
J&K Hornpipe
I Swear On Holy Ground
December 14th
A Chance Meeting
Diane's Reel
The Dockside
The Fair That Summer
The Greenhouse
The Undaunted Sailor
When I Can Go Be By His Side
Larry Murphy's
Grandfather's Song

You Go To Your Church
We Shall All Be Reunited
Meeting In The Air
Leaning On Everlasting Arms
Life's Evenin' Sun
Where We'll Never Grow Old
Wicked Path Of Sin
Mother Left Me Her Bible
He Is My Friend And Guide
When Jesus Beckons Me Home
Happy I'll Be

Mother's Footsteps
Dreaming Of A Little Cabin
Get In Line Brother
I Am Weary
Unclouded Day
I'm Working On A Road
Mother's Prayers
My Lord's Gonna Set Me Free
Let Me Walk
Mansion's In The Sky
Scarlet Purple Robe
If We Never Meet again
I Hear My Savior Callling
Little Brown Church
Precious Memories
Travelin That Hwy. Home

Fire On The Median Strip
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
Sal's Got Mud Between Her Toes
New Shady Grove
Fog Town Strut
Hickory Jack
Jake Walk Blues
Little Flower Waltz
The Girl I Left In Sunny Tennessee
The Last Of Sizemore
Sales Tax On The Women
Old Horse And Buggy-O
Another Shady Grove
Little Mound Of Clay
Black Hills Waltz
The Hog Went Through The Fence Yolk and All

Logan County Blues
Bravest Cowboy
Salt River Reel
I Once Love A Sailor
Whoa Mule
Frazzled Headed Baby
Shakin' Down The Acorns
Intoxicated Rat
Bill Caton's Tune
King Kong Kitchie, Kitchie, Ki-Me-O
4th Of July At A County Fair
Goodbye Girls, I'm Goin' To Boston
Yum Yum Blues
Crane Canyon Breakdown

The Lovely Ohio
The Dream Of Kildare/Dominion Reel
The Blue Box Waltz
How We Got Back To The Woods Last Year/Johnnie's Gone To France
The Greehouse Set
Grandfather's Song/Little F Hornpipe
Onions and Bunions/The Fair That Summer
High Barbary
Pipes On The Hobs
The Dockside/French Bouree
When The Shanty Boy Comes Down/Up Sligo

Goin' Down The River/Ebenezer
Faded Coat Of Blue
It's Rainin' Here This Mornin'
Salty Dog/Old Joe
Cowboy Romeo
That Ain't In Any Catalog
Lafayette/Johnnie Don't Get Drunk
Train On The Island /Magpie
Last Of Callahan/New Shady Grove
Amchored In Love
Henry Ford's Model A
Montana Anna
God Gave Noah The Rainbow Sign

I'm Gettin' Ready To GO
Everybody Does It In Hawaii?
Stone's Rag/Combination Rag
My Dixie Darlin'
Goodbye To My Stepstone
Sweet Milk And Peaches/Sullivan's Hollow
Jesus Hit's Like An Atom Bomb
The Death Of Ellenton
John Henry
Mississippi Delta Blues
Kiss Me Quick
When The Roses Bloom In Dixieland
Mansions In The Sky
Atomic Sermon

Elzic's Farewell
Hollow Poplar
New Shady Grove
Yellow Cat
Last Chance
Old Dubuque
Old Horse and Buggy-O
Snake River Reel
Good Bye Girls, I'm Going To Boston
Sal's Got Mud Between Her Toes
Shakin' Down The Acorns
Squirrel Hunters
Fire On The Median strip
Bob Tailed Mule
Whoa Mule
Benton's Dream
Logan County Blues
Elk River Blues
Black Hills Waltz
Sandy Boys
New Five Cents
New Cut Road
Bonaparte Crossing The Rocky Mts.
Sheandoah Falls

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