Here are just some examples of the old time music I've been doing over the years.

| Wagon Yard | Lonesome Dove | Milwaukee Blues | Hales Rag | Goin' To Town/ Boatman | Whistling Rufus | Old Bluetick/Shendoah Falls | That Ain't In Any catalog |

| I'm Gettin' Ready To Go | Sweet Milk And Peaches/ Sullivan's Hollow | My Dixie Darlin' | Mississippi Delta Blues | Atomic Sermon | Goin' Down The River |

| Salty Dog/Old Joe |

Here are a few mp3's from my latest project called "Happy I'll Be". It's a Bluegrass and Oldtime gospel album that I made for my mom.
Recorded on a Tascam Portastudio 414 mkII 4 track cassette deck.
I sang all the vocals and played all the instruments.

  • You Go To Your Church
  • Jordan
  • We Shall All Be Reunited
  • Meeting In The Air
  • Leaning On Everlasting Arms
  • Life's Eve'nin' Sun
  • Where We'll Never Grow Old
  • Wicked Path Of Sin
  • Mother Left Me Her Bible
  • He Is My Friend And Guide
  • When Jesus Beckons Me Home
  • Happy I'll BE

    Here are some offerings of my second album that I recorded at home called "Mansions In The Sky".
    Again, I played all the instruments...
    (except on tracks 1,3,6,8,16. My wife plays bass on those songs but because of arthritis in her hands she was unable to continue so I finished it with a Kala U-Bass.
    Not the most authentic of tones but not too bad.)
    and sang all the vocals.

  • Mother's Footsteps
  • Dreaming Of A Little Cabin
  • Get In Line Brother
  • I Am Weary
  • Unclouded Day
  • I'm Working On A Road
  • Mother's Prayers
  • My Lord's Gonna Set Me Free
  • Let Me Walk
  • Mansions In The Sky
  • Scarlet Purple Robe
  • If We Never Meet Again
  • I Hear My Savior Calling
  • Little Brown Church
  • Precious Memories
  • Travelin' That Hwy Home

  • ...and one of my favorite Gospel songs ever...The Avondale Mills Quartet singing Rejoicing All The Way

    My newest album "Turn On The Radio" is not a gospel album but more secular in nature. Here are some offerings:

  • Fire On The Median Strip 2013
  • Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
  • Sal's Got Mud Between Her Toes
  • New Shady Grove
  • Fog Town Strut 2017
  • Hickory Jack
  • Jake Walk Blues
  • Little Flower Waltz 2010
  • The Girl I Left In Sunny Tennessee
  • The Last Of Sizemore
  • Sales Tax On The Women
  • Old Horse And Buggy-O
  • Another Shady Grove
  • Little Mound Of Clay
  • Black Hills Waltz
  • The Hog Went Through The Fence Yolk and All

    And some of the Celtic things I recorded with Dockside:
    | The Dockside 2002 C.Carney | The Greenhouse Set 2002 C.Carney | How We Got Back The Woods That Year | High Barbary | Blue Box Waltz |
    | Grandfather's Song 2002 C.Carney | The Lovely Ohio | The Dream Of Kildare 2002 C.Carney | The Fair That Summer 2002 C.Carney |

    All this stuff is on CD's so if you're interested in getting any of it, let me know with the contact link below. Thanks a bunch!!!



  • Four tunes for the Motion Picture "The Howling" 1979
  • Bird By The Sea ~ With Lee Rockwell (Carney) recorded at Zone Music and Recording, Cotati, Ca. around 1982
  • Long Road Home ~ Self recorded at Zone Music and Recording, Cotati, Ca. around 1984
  • Early Recordings ~ w/The Acme String Ensemble. Recorded at Mesa Studios, Sebastopol, Ca. 1988
  • Shelter Cove ~ w/Greenhouse. Recorded at Banquet Studios, Santa Rosa, Ca. 1995
  • Stony Point Concert Series ~ w/The Acme String Ensemble. Live recording, Santa Rosa, Ca. 1998
  • Three Sheets To The Wind ~ w/Dockside. Recorded by Harry Gale at Route 44 West studios in Rohnert Park, Ca. 2003
  • Live at The President's Day Bluegrass and Old Time Music Festival ~ w/The Acme String Ensemble in Sebastopol, Ca. 2003
  • That Ain't In Any Catalogue ~ w/The Acme String Ensemble. Recorded live at Jack Kenny's home studio in Sonoma, Ca. 2005
  • Happy I'll Be ~ Self recorded at home on my Tascam 414 MKII casette recorder Petaluma, Ca. 2007
  • Live ~ w/The Lonesome Holler String Band at: Studio 55, Marin Co. Cal. 4/14/2012 and at: The Grass Valley Fathers Day Bluegrass Festival, Grass Valley, Cal. 6/15-16/2013
  • Mansions In The Sky ~ Self recorded at home on my computer with Sonar Home Studio 7, Petaluma, Ca. 2015. Mastered by Jeff Martin at Studio E, Sebastopol, Ca.
  • Turn On The Radio ~ Again, self recorded in my home between April 2016 and April 2017. Mastered by Sage Audio, Nashville, Tn.

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